Thursday, October 27, 2016

My final State Fair of Texas....2016

My years of airbrush caricaturing at the State Fair of Texas came to an end, at the close of the Fair in 2016...but what a great experience, one which I will NEVER forget!! Over a span of nine years, I've lived in Texas for almost eight months...longer than any other state except PA. I guess that makes me an "honorary Texan". October won't be the same for me this year, being at home! But my shoulder will definitely thank me for not putting it through another 24-day airbrushing marathon. 
So without further ado, I will share some of my favorite caricature reactions from SFT 2016. 

These folks and their little baby-to-be were my first subjects on the first day. 

Older brother, younger brother. 

His nose was fun to draw.

HAD to include his prize for his lady!!!

Another big bushy beard!

I thought these two resembled famous faces from 150 years apart: Prince Edward Duke of Clarence, and Cara Deleveigne. 

It's hard to have favorites when you caricature so many people, they all have somethng that makes them fun to draw...but these two REALLY made me happy.

And yet ANOTHER big guy with a beard and big chains!  I used my gold marker a lot for this one!

Finally, one that the couple art-directed themselves. I was mad (later, when I saw the photo) that I forgot to add the molding on the Gothic window between them. Oh well, they liked it. 

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