Friday, October 21, 2016

SFT 2016 Miscellaneous.

My plane flew right over where I'd be spending 95% of my time while in Texas...our booth is on the far side of the Cotton Bowl (the big stadium, bottom left).
Our final rendez-vous with Big Tex!!!
I cut a silhouette of my colleagues Celestia and Rob...such interesting visages!
Had to do one of the then-Presidential-candidate, who'd just outed himself as a 'grabber' of some sort:
Rob and Celestia did political airbrush samples:
She and I both got to caricature kids wearing poop-emoji hats, last year's must-have accessory:
Hers (above) and mine (below)
(my kid took it off for the photo--???)
Here's a look at our Fair surroundings.
This is a typical line at night!
One of my favorite customers! 
Finally, five tired artists on the day after it was all over! Goodbye Dallas, I won't forget you!

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