Monday, June 1, 2009

2nd post-prom in as many days

After drawing at the wedding reception, I packed up and drove two hours to do another post-prom---one I have enjoyed doing for the last several years. When I pulled up, to my surprise, I ran into my friend and fellow caricaturist, Patrick Harrington*--whom I had no idea was going to be there! We also had the always-hilarious John Sprague* on hand. It's fun to work as a group, because everyone's styles are so different.
This event's theme was County Fair. Pat and I set up under a tent:

The ladies' room had everything but straw on the floor! Patrick told me the mens' room was decorated as an outhouse and was very dimly lit! (?)

Here are some from my pen!

*Hopefully these two knuckleheads will have blog posts of their own from this gig!:-)

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