Monday, June 29, 2009

Three caricatures for sign-ins this past weekend!

Three parties held in various places this weekend had one thing in common: a sign-in caricature by this caricature artist!
Two were digital, and one was hand-drawn. Two were for for parties I wasn't drawing for (because I'd been booked elsewhere already) and one was for a party where I was present. One was for a wedding, one was for a 40th birthday, and one was for a bat mitzvah.
I'd like more weekends like this!! :-)

This bride and groom met via Eharmony when the bride enlarged her dating radius to 60 miles. Luckily there was that major highway linking their areas!

This beautiful young lady celebrated her bat mitsvah with many family and friends, and I drew many of them, as well, on Sunday afternoon.

This new fortysomething and his dog were commissioned by his wife, and I delivered the frame and hand-drawn(Prismacolor pencil) caricature right before the party!

I'm hoping to see some wedding and 40th birthday photos from those clients... Thanks, all!


  1. Great drawing of Eve, but er... is she JEWISH???? she sure doesnt resemble any Jewish girl IVE ever seen! She looks more Asian! Your depiction of her is spot on though

  2. Thanks Elgin, and indeed, she is a beautiful Chinese--and Jewish--young lady. In fact, as part of her bat-mitzvah celebration, she read aloud a research paper she had done on Jewish communities in China.