Monday, June 29, 2009

Bat Mitzvah

I drew at a lovely young lady's Bat Mitzvah celebration yesterday afternoon; she also had a digital caricature as a sign-in board! :-)

Another big tent was filled with loving family and friends. I was seated on the patio underneath an enormous umbrella.

There's the artist, doing what she does ( and speaking in the third person!)

Here are some of the faces that came out of my pen:

And here is the girl of the hour, after the festivities, with her completely-filled in sign-in (the mat on this was 16 x 20!). The well-wishers wrote in at least four different languages!
Congratulations, Eve!


  1. Thanks Matt! I am enjoying each piece for two reasons; how happy it makes its client, and what I learned from doing it. :-)