Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Shower!

I'm going to be a grandmother-- my daughter Charlotte is expecting a baby!
Of course, for her shower on Sunday afternoon, she had to have a caricature sign-in...which was a re-working of the graduation caricature I had done of her some time ago.

She was TOTALLY surprised, as the shower was thrown by her practically life-long friend Anna, on her OWN birthday, so Charlotte would be fooled into thinking it was Anna's birthday celebration she'd be attending....

She received many hand-made gifts. Creativity abounds!

Back in the pre-caricature mid-nineties, when I was a pastel portrait artist, Anna's mom Tammi (she's the blonde on the left in the right-hand doorway; Anna is the blonde seated in front of her) commissioned me to draw her five children. I was very happy to see it hanging along their beautiful staircase!

Pretty soon, I might have to get out those pastels to do a proper baby portrait of my grandson!


  1. awww... That's fantastic news. Congrats to Charlotte and you, soon to be grandma. When is she due?

  2. Em, you're going to be a grandmother!!!