Monday, November 16, 2009

ISCA con--part 3: Some favorite caricature walls

My wall:

Golden Nosey winner Glenn Ferguson's wall:

Silver Nosey winner Marlo Meekins' wall:

Bronze Nosey winner Yuta Honma's wall:

Anne Bush's wall:

Pat Harrington's wall:

Sam Gorrie's wall:

Nate Kapnicky's wall:

Lorin Bernsen's wall:

Tomo's wall:

Miguel Aguilar's wall:

Jert's wall:

Jan Opdebeeck's wall:

Emi Sato's "wall":

I don't know which Japanese artist did these, but I really like them!

Sae Mee's hilarious drawing of herself and Lorin!

Seo Kim's fantastic likeness of Marlo:

Lastly, Mikey Shields almost outdid his caricature of Rick Wright from last year with this one:

There are many more photos in my ISCA albums on my public Facebook fan page.

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