Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding Reception

On Saturday, after drawing at the Christmas Bazaar, I made a three-hour trek down to near the Delaware beaches to draw at an evening wedding reception. The majority of my gigs are within a 50-75 mile radius to where I live, but I do make exceptions depending on the amount of time I am booked for. The wedding couple hired me for four hours of festivities, so I decided to get a hotel room for afterwards, to avoid getting home at 3:30 am (after drawing for a combined ten hours that day!).
I started out in the ballroom and then moved into a side room where I was more able to converse with the guests. I had a wonderful time drawing some VERY interesting faces! ( I always do, ;-)
Thank you, Christina and Bethany!

The following morning I treated myself to breakfast and a sunrise on the beach before heading home. All in a caricaturist's day's work!

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