Thursday, December 17, 2009

14th school!

Yesterday afternoon, I drew for some very special kids. When I say they are special, it's not because they have special needs...they do. It's because they are so out-of-the-ordinary in making the rest of us realize how precious all of life is--to stop and smell the roses---and appreciate them!
Every kid I drew was visibly thrilled when I showed them their drawing, which made ME feel so good--that such a little thing made them SO happy. Even the ones who weren't verbal had the biggest smiles, and their eyes just lit up.
As it was a small class, all the kids gathered round on their chairs to watch what I was doing. Even the art teacher stopped by to see! The classroom teacher hung them all on the wall and told the kids they would get to wrap and take them home to give to their parents as holiday gifts, thanks to Anthony's mom, who'd actually also hired me some years back for a previous party. I suggested to the teacher that she make some copies to let the kids color, not only of themselves, but of all their classmates...

I was the one who was lucky to be there yesterday. :-) Thank you, Colleen!

Here is the birthday boy and his younger brother:

Below is a shot of the completed drawings. I enlarged one of them to show you the absolute joy the kids had, which is an inspiration!

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