Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday's Holiday Party #2

After my first party of the day, in DC, I left only to find a massive gridlock of traffic stretching from Washington itself up to above Baltimore. I had a four-hour window to get to my next event, a holiday party near Philadelphia, of some very special people that I do every year. Mapquest had indicated that I needed 2 3/4 hours to make the trip, but it didn't reckon on a MAJOR snowstorm threatening the region! I think almost the entire population of the Mid-Atlantic states was either out Christmas shopping (since they knew today would be a no-go) or desperately stocking up on milk and bread, thus clogging the highways.
As my arrival time got later and later, according to my GPS, I got more and more worried that I wouldn't make it on time-- so I made some frantic calls...
and it was caricaturist-colleague John Sprague to the rescue!
Amazingly, he happened to be visiting family right in the area where my gig was, and agreed to pop over and draw until I got there. I ended up arriving an hour late, but thanks to John and my benevolent client, all was well! I took over and drew my little hand off for the next two hours, while John went off to enjoy his evening. Thanks to you both!

Below are some of my drawings-- I can't believe I was still warmed up from the previous party! :-)

Thanks again to John...and my client John.. Plus the magician there--just visible in the first photo-- was John (Cassidy) too!

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  1. Oh hey cool. I did a couple of gigs in DC last month. Traffic there is horrible, it took me an hour just to get back on to the freeway. merry christmas