Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marlene Dietrich digital painting

Miss Dietrich's birthday was December 27th and this was done for the celebrity birthday thread on the ISCA forum.
And she's actually a pre-New Year's part of my new year's resolution (one of them, anyway) to do more digital work, daily. We'll see if I have time to do one today. This one took about an hour and a half in Photoshop, not counting the time it took me to remake all my customized PS brushes, and reset the buttons on my Wacom tablet to work with my new Macbook.


  1. She is absolutely adorable! You make your digital art sound so interesting and fun and your passion for art is always inspiring.

  2. I do like this picture, Emily.
    What kind of a tablet are you using?

  3. Hi Alison, thank you! I use a Wacom Intuos...the smallest size works for me, especially when traveling.. I have the mid-size one in my studio.