Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday's Holiday Party #1

On Friday, I spent a cheery afternoon drawing the close-knit employees of a company in Washington, DC. A little far from home, but it's always fun to see new places and people!

While I drew, the people sat around a boardroom table doing fun activities, like trying to identify each other's baby pictures, and doing a trivia quiz about each person. I was amazed that most of the co-workers knew things like:
Who played Captain Hook in her 8th grade school play?
Whose great-grandmother babysat Albert Einstein while he was a child in Germany?
They also had a secret Santa gift exchange, and enjoyed a nice meal and even some bubbly. My color caricatures were quite the surprise, and were hung on the wall for all to see...

I liked her hat--it also said "naughty"!

This was across the street from the parking garage I used!!

Thanks for having me as part of a very warm, unique celebration! :-)

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