Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caricaturing on the Strip...

While in Las Vegas before the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the opportunity to pull a shift at the caricature booth in the Miracle Mile shops, a mall attached to the Planet Hollywood casino. Truth be told, I wanted to work alongside my friend Celestia's husband Rob Sundin, while our respective s.o.'s went off to play (boring....) golf!
It turned out to be busy enough that I didn't get a chance to study Rob's live airbrush technique or even get any photos of his work that day. And since I was using Celestia's airbrush and supplies, it felt like driving an unfamiliar car---I knew how to drive, but not where all the controls were, so I was a little discombobulated...
Above: Rob and I anticipate our day...
Below: Almost all of the people I drew were foreign tourists, mostly from Japan, the UK and Canada. I asked everyone where they were from, as the atmosphere here was very chatty and happy.
This couple was from Japan, he especially did not speak much English but they seemed happy with what I drew!

 This foursome was made up of two brothers (it was one's birthday) and their wives from Canada.

One Alabamian couple and more Brits and Canucks!
I got a lot of practice drawing the complicated and time-consuming 'Welcome to Las  Vegas' sign, but it sure does make each caricature a special momento of their visit.
The video below is from another day when we saw Rob in action at the stand:


  1. He's a really great artist, and so are you. I love your airbrushed caricatures!
    Wish I could try it one day!!

  2. Thanks Niall and Hanzz, coming from you two, that's high praise!