Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Group caricature commission...

with a team of soccer players!

This was to be presented at their end-of-season banquet. I did this piece last year as well, so I did not have to recreate the background, the coaches, or the photographers...just the players: all 15 of them! :-)

This had to be finished before I trekked off to Vegas for my convention. To save time, I drew each boy on paper first and scanned the sketches, then used Photoshop to color them and place them in the group. Somehow when I do rough sketching directly in PS, I seem to take longer...not sure why. 


  1. I always sketch first then scan in... Love the drawing. Amazing job as always! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. Woooo. That's great. I'm coach of my girls B-Ball team and thought about doing something like that for them....but let me just get through the actual season first.