Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ISCA con Icebreaker 2010

The first night of the convention is a family reunion of caricaturists!
These two are longtime friends of mine, and both are immense talents: Celestia Ward and Lar De Souza--their con output was tremendous this year ( you'll see in a later post.)
Haven't seen Michael White for a few years, was very glad to see him and totally wowwed by a piece he did later on in the week.
New friend Hilary Cole, who'd emailed me earlier this year asking about getting a caricature career going, and I'd told her to come to the convention. And she DID! :-)
New friend Karel Op de Beeck, (brother of Jan and father of Klaas, whom I already knew) but so much more than that! A very prolific sculptor and artist.
With the hard-working editor of our quarterly magazine, Debbo Burmeister.
With Miguel Aguilar, whom I see every year during my stint in Texas, and one of the best BW caricaturists I know.
With my lovely lady friends, Alisa Grodsky of NY, Gwenda Saunders of New Zealand and Johanna Veerenhuis of the Netherlands. Johanna did a stunning sculpture of our new ISCA president.
With my dear Texan friend Lorin Bernsen, who is now the VP of ISCA. A big job!

With dear Sam Gorrie who is a globe-trotting sweetheart and another big talent!
Of course, I try to bring my own sweetheart, JB, to cons whenever he can make it (and he made it for some of this one) so here we are with SG.
A ballroom filled with caricaturists about to embark on their highlight week of the year...

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, I wish I could have been there.