Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ISCA speakers, seminars, and the likeness competition...

Our guest speaker was none other than Bill Plympton. He treated us to a preview of his latest animated feature and some other works. I had actually not been aware of his stuff before and was especially entranced with his short called, "The Wiseman." Enough to buy the DVD!
Actually, I'd seen his Gilda caricature before, but didn't know whose it was.

At a evening reception for ISCA gold members, I got to chat with him and be drawn as a Plymptoon.
After the afternoon seminar, he drew this whole line of artists-- we all know what that feels like!
We were also treated to seminars by some of the best artists out there in Caricatureland. This year's Caricature 101 was done by Sean Gardner (below) who talked about his approach to head shapes and observation. It's always interesting to hear different approaches to what we all do. 
A fascinating hour was spent with Court Jones as he explored the mechanics of the smile:

In order to do that, it's helpful to know something of the musculature of the skull.
Below: her mouth might be slightly smiling but her eyes are not (anatomically speaking!)
A representative from Prismacolor came and talked about their products, which so many caricaturists use. AND she gave out goodies!
Lar gave a very in-depth (for an hour, at least) overview of particular things in Photoshop that are of interest to caricaturists/cartoonists. I took two whole pages of notes for things I want to try. By the way, check out Lar's Ustream broadcast this coming Friday night, I am sure he will reminisce about the con!
Another evening's festivities included the likeness competition. Photos are projected and a whole roomful of us caricature them within a generous ten-minute time limit, then we vote on them. This year's event had some changes---no shading was permitted, it was to be black-and-white created with one instrument only. Two of the photos were strangers, but the third photo happened to be the outgoing ISCA president's mother (he told us so) ...uh oh, there were some irreverent ones!
I'm trying to work fast...seated next to these two jokers:
Ok, I wasn't too nice. (The con is supposed to be where you let your hair down since you're not drawing clients ;-)

 This is what I came up with.
Check out some of the other ones!

Well, caricature art does run the gamut from cute to downright rude. Ha, I like both! As long as the likeness is there.

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