Friday, December 3, 2010

High school gig...

This afternoon I drew twenty-five ninth-grade girls (an entire homeroom)..and two two hours exactly, and had a total blast while doing so. They had won a competition among homerooms for most money raised for charity in their school, and my caricatures were the reward! :-)
Only got two photos, though.

Update 12-6-10: I got feedback from the client through the agent for this gig! :-)

 Thank you so very much for your help with coordinating our artist for our carnival.  The students and teachers were very impressed. The girls loved their pictures and I've seen them hanging them up in their lockers at school.  In fact, other sponsors asked me for your contact info because they would like to hire Emily for junior and senior prom, plus a few other school dances.  Again, thank you.

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