Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding reception in a historic (and delightful) venue

Last night, I contributed caricatures to a young couple's wedding reception in another fantastic venue...Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park,  Philadelphia.
This historic Beaux-Arts building was created as the centerpiece for the 1876 Centennial celebration, and was then used as the city's art museum before our current (beautiful) one was opened in 1928. It fell into disrepair after that, but has been refurbished and is now the Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia. And what a magical site for a wedding reception!

The room used for the cocktail hour was a whimsical child's paradise, which is where I was situated. I even tried taking a panoramic photo--my easel is on the extreme right.
And now for some drawings:

The bride and groom had too much going on to sit for a caricature, but I know they had alot of happy guests who got one. :-)

And what's a wedding without a little bad romance?

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