Sunday, January 9, 2011

First gig of '11...

...was a surprise 50th birthday party. The gentleman thought he was going to a beef-and-beer, but instead walked into a roomful of his friends and family. It was all the more poignant because his wife's previous party attempt (for his 40th) was diminished by an 8" snowfall. Yesterday's 2" of snow was nothing this time. (You'll have that with January birthdays!)
 Here are some of the guests. The birthday boy ( whom I did not get a photo of--wasn't thinking by the end of the night!!) was also treated to speeches by his dearest , including a long rendition of  the theme song to the 'Beverly Hillbillies' sung by a neighbor--only it had many MANY stanzas, all about him and it was hilarious! I was impressed by that, and also by how loved this man was. Happy birthday, Jay!

 These are Jay's parents. I want her hair when I'm seventy -seven, as she informed me as she sat for me!
I had to strongly mentally remind myself to write 2011 on all the drawings!

Update 1-11-11. The client had this to say: Thanks - you were great, everyone enjoyed their caricatures and the novelty of the whole thing.  I will definitely recommend you if you need a reference and enjoyed the blog link!

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