Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still dithering with Mr. Jones

David Bowie's real last name was Jones. I'd say 'Bowie' is much more if his chameleon-like appearance and singing/songwriting weren't enough (they are, of course).
I decided to have a go at putting him in a green suit as seen in this video: Under Pressure
However, after seeing the revamped drawing ( done in PS) compared with my previous leather-jacketed entry, I didn't like it as much. And some FB friends agreed...
Here's some different stages for comparison.
Sometimes an artist's judgement is better when they have stepped away from a piece and not looked at it for awhile. 

Update: I kept the 4th version here as my entry, and it got one full-fledged vote and a couple of honorable mentions. :-) 

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