Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gig prep

In the morning before leaving for my two gigs yesterday, I pre-wrote the particulars on my gig paper as I always do. Since January is always such an "iffy" month for weather, what with postponements and possible cancellations due to snow, I left it til the last minute. The only issue yesterday was bone-chilling cold, which meant both my gigs were ON! :-)

The second one of my day was to be a 40th birthday party for triplets. The hostess kindly sent me an actual invitation so I could tailor my papers to the party theme/colors, and here are the results!
I don't use Sharpies for any other function in caricaturing, but they serve this purpose well!


  1. Geez Em! Use a color printer for that stuff!

  2. Hey Paul! :-)
    I actually like doing it the old-fashioned way, for several reasons. I enjoy calligraphic writing, it adds to the traditional hand-drawn look, and I know the ink won't run if it gets wet....and if I am drawing mostly couples, I writing 50% less sheets anyway... and I don't want to buy a big printer for 11 x 14 paper!