Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's orange and black..

..but not Halloween?
Why, Orioles Fanfest, of course!
Yesterday was a little taste of baseball season in Baltimore. Droves of fans came to the convention center to buy merchandise and/or memorabilia, get a player's autograph, or be drawn as a's a couple of mine:

You can see Mr. Rick Wright lurking in the background behind my easel. We artists had enough room to set up in a large circle, which was a different way to each have our own line.
And, I got to draw with some colleagues I don't see too frequently...Dan Ginter and Dave Thompson, whom I'd actually never worked with before. 
Below--at the end of a long day, this little boy was just entranced by Dan's rendering of him!
I pronounced us Rick's 'alternate A Team'. :-)
Dave, yours truly, Rick and Dan. Yes, live caricaturing is a male-dominated vocation. :-)

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