Saturday, February 26, 2011

BIG airbrush commission!

BIG because it was of sixteen college students, and BIG because it was forty inches tall by fifteen feet long!

My client wanted to do a special group caricature for his nephew and all his friends in his college residence hall. So, he emailed me photos of everyone to be included, and then actually brought me this huuuuuuge roll of paper to do it on. It took me about four-plus hours of steady work to produce this caricature mural that was to be hung in the corridor.

I did all the marker drawing first, from photos displayed on my monitor,  then rolled the paper to each new section as I worked my way along. After the marker work was done, I airbrushed three or four students at a time, one color at a time.

This is a composite photo of each section, as my client and I were fairly sure there would be no frontal vantage point from which to get a photo once it was hung!

He told me they loved it! :-) And thanks for sharing photos of it onsite!

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