Saturday, February 19, 2011

A giggly 10th birthday party

Last night, I got to help this young lady celebrate her 10th birthday by drawing her, her brother, and ten of her friends in full-body, full-color style. :-)
She and her brother both like the Steelers, so to help me out with the uniform and the logo, they looked up those images on their Ipad.
Below are a bunch of happy girls with their drawings. I drew most of them last year too, and they came up with plenty of imaginative scenarios again!
Let's see, from left to right you have: "with a panda" "basketball" "with a weiner dog (dachsund)" "At the Phillies' stadium" "with a cupcake" "as a pig" "competitive swimming" "on the beach" "as a Power Puff girl" "soccer" and not to be outdone, "with cupcakes AND ice cream" !
The mom at this party had some entertaining games going on while I drew.  She had a fun quiz with questions designed to see how well the guests knew the birthday girl...even I knew the answer to "What is her favorite food?" (PIZZA!!!)  The other ongoing game was that if any of the girls used the word "THE" she had to forfeit a plastic bracelet to whomever caught her...the idea was to see who got the most bracelets by the end of the party. They certainly enjoyed catching one another!
FUN stuff, and thank you for having me again! :-)

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