Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Caricatures as corporate gifts

One of the best things about giving a caricature as a gift is the fact that the recipients get something tailored specifically for them. These gentlemen were feted last weekend for a company anniversary, and each received his own copy of my digital caricature, which was lots of fun for me to create.
Their corporate colors are black and purple, which worked perfectly for the train...and on the very front you can see their circular logo! This is the kind of thing that I enjoy doing-- (aside from the faces)---finding ways to implement things that the client wants included in the image.


  1. Who's the guy in there with Soupy Sales and Vin Diesel?
    Seriously, Em, that's a top notch job. I'm sure that they were very happy

  2. Thanks, Mike! I hope so! Hahaha- Who's Soupy Sales?
    J/K--I remember him.