Friday, February 4, 2011

A birthday in the Palm Restaurant...

Yesterday morning, I didn't even know I'd be doing a different kind of gig in the evening!
I was asked (by a thoughtful wife) to come draw at the Palm in Philly for her husband's birthday. They were coming into town by limo, for a nice steak dinner, and he had no idea it would be at a restaurant famed for its walls of caricatures and cartoons---or that a caricaturist would be waiting to draw HIM!
They (and their children's photos) were my only subjects, so I was able to do an 18' x 24" extravaganza of their night for them, before they sped off for a spot of gambling at a nearby casino. Guys, don't you wish your wives treated you so well on your birthdays? :-) 
Before they arrived, I had time to sip an old-school Coke and admire the walls:

One large image caught my eye:
It's by my beloved Dr. Suess!
Here are some Philly heroes:
It turns out that not only celebs adorn the their wall---if you eat there often enough, you can too. While I chose not to have a meal, my clients raved over the food and it certainly smelled fantastic.  And the piece of chocolate cake I did have was pretty scrumptious. 
There are Palm restaurants all over the country...wonder how they get their caricatures? Hmmmm...

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