Monday, September 12, 2011

1st birthday party, with beautiful balloons-- and saris!

At my event on Saturday, I was wowed by both the balloon artistry of the decor and the beautiful saris the women guests were wearing--at a little girl's first birthday party. Here she is with her mother:
 Her cake was pretty too!
This family became my first subjects:
Another little one early on:
Then it was couple after couple--- here's a few:

 Finally, below are the gracious host and hostess. Thank you for having me extend my stay--I had an absolute blast drawing everyone! One of my drawings will even be traveling on a 20-hour flight (I asked one gentlemen if he'd come a long way, and he said he'd come all the way from India for the party :-)
A thoughtful guest gave me a plateful of goodies so I could continue drawing between bites. I usually don't plan on eating at gigs---I'm there to draw---but I love Indian food, so this made me very happy! Thank you!


  1. Thank you so much Emily! It was wonderful having you at the party. My guests loved your work, the passion with which you were creating each piece and your patience. Thank you so much for staying longer than the scheduled time and bringing a smile on each of my guests faces! Love your work. It was wonderful working with you! Looking forward to have you over at many more events.

  2. Thank YOU! Putting that smile on guests' faces is one of the joys in my life! :-)