Monday, September 19, 2011

End-of-summer backyard bash

My second event on Saturday was a backyard family party with hordes of people---in fact both the house and the yard were overflowing! I arrived at dusk and got busy right away with a couple of matriarchs:
Then, it was on to lots of kids. I asked this youngster to video my drawing hand in action while I drew her friend (to the accompaniment of one of my favorite songs as it came up on the host's playlist :-)
She did a good job! (Thank you Gillian! :-) This video gives a good indication of my drawing starts when I am just about finished the marker portion, and captures some of my shading.

This is the finished result: (girl on the left)
Some adults got in on the action towards the end:
 Then it was time for pyrotechnics!
(Although some guests opted to watch the Phillies clinch the National League title inside on the large screen television...there were probably fireworks going on in South Philly as well!)

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  1. WOW!What party was awesome.I love the pictures and the video.Can't wait till next year.:)