Sunday, September 18, 2011

3rd birthday!

My first event yesterday was a little girl's backyard birthday party to celebrate her 3rd birthday:
After I drew her in marker, she was too interested in the goings-on to stay still, so I took a photo of the drawing---without her. But I didn't exaggerate her eyes much--they were huge!
Here are some little-girl guests:
A teen boy:
This drawing was a feat, if I do say so myself. This shy little boy actually sat with his back to me. I leaned over as far as I could for each look at him, and was able to come up with this:
Finally, a couple of couples:
As always, thanks to my clients for having me! I had to scuttle off for round two (another gig) of the day, otherwise I would have gotten a photo of a lovely real-life Cinderella who was doing some balloon twisting. Happy birthday little Zaara!

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