Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ben Franklin-approved caricaturing

Last night, my friend Celestia Ward, who's visiting from Las Vegas, and I drew caricatures in the presence of Ben Franklin himself  (well, a 30-ton marble effigy, anyway) at the Franklin Institute in Philly:

We were the resident caricaturists for a corporate event that also included Mummers, and one of the best magician/balloon artists in the area---John Cassidy. I've got a video snippet on that in a bit--first a little bit of pertinent info on ol' Ben:
That's from a 1905 article in a New England periodical that I found on Google...and was news to me! Wow, another thing to admire about the man!

So the event was lots of fun, and was in such a spectacular setting that I somewhat overdid the scenic photo-taking. Enjoy!
 There's John Cassidy, stocking up on balloon creations before the guests' arrival...
 My little spot on the steps in the rotunda...
 Celestia was on the other side...
 The serene statue of Ben that dominated all...the dome is based on the Parthenon in Rome.
Celestia's view of my spot...
And my view of hers!

We caricatured more men than women--it was an IT conference, and just as in the caricature industry, women are a minority. But we got to draw one or two! Here's a few of mine. Celestia was a little too far away to get photos of her work (or I would have!)

Now so you can feel the vibe:

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  1. Great find, Em! I believe it is important to know something about the history of caricature. And great work at the gig as usual!