Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tim Minchin...eyeliner, hair, and talent

In January this year, I did a Conan O'Brien caricature (see above in my blog header!) to submit to the art gallery on Conan's site. Some of them were being shown on the air, so I tried to watch the show every night (for awhile, anyway) on the off chance they'd use mine. ( I don't know if they ever did.)
One night, Conan's musical guest was a new-to-American-television Australian pianist/comedian named Tim Minchin. He sang a very clever, ribald song about an inflatable doll, that ended with a Beatle homage...and I was completely hooked! A true artist with both songwriting (ranging from the utterly ridiculous to gasp-worthy to sweet, deep and sublime) and mad grand piano skills, I checked out all his Youtube videos and thought, if he ever tours, I'm going!
Well, guess where I was this past Saturday night? Handing him this digital painting after his concert in Washington, DC!
The words are from one of his sillier (he said so!) songs...if you check him out, be forewarned that his stuff is for adults who don't get offended easily (strong language and subjects).
The other half and I had wonderful seats:
Tim has a policy of meeting his fans after his shows, and he came out and charmed everyone (we were already charmed ;-)
Well, if I can't meet John Lennon or Freddie Mercury.... I'll settle for Tim! ;-)
He chatted with my other half too, and signed his ticket. I had actually printed two of my paintings, one for Tim to keep, and one to sign for me, and he did.

Then I had the audacity to give him my business card! :-O

It was worth turning down a few gigs to have this much fun!
Thanks to Danielle for the above video, and Conan for having Tim on his show in the first place. :-)


  1. OMG HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Thank you, I am still SO happy about it! I just added him to my blog header.

  3. What a great story and painting! He sounds mighty talented himself, I'll have to check him out.

  4. Thanks Kacey, he IS amazingly talented! I'm still on Cloud Nine!

  5. SO cool, Emily!!! I hope to go to his show when he's around again. The girlfirend loves his Pope song - did he do that live? Great painting too! I'm gonna get to work on one - why the hell isn't he a subject for Caricaturama yet!!!???

  6. Yes, he did the Pope song, among others---it was one of the most amazing evenings I've ever had!!