Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 ISCA convention in St. Pete's Beach, Florida

I've just returned home from the best caricature artist convention I've been to in my nine years of attending them. Everything from the beachfront venue, to the weather, to the food and drink, and especially to the camaraderie, was just wonderful. I created a competition piece to be proud of, which is amazing because there were so many stellar artists present with just spectacular skills. My caricature batteries have been recharged!
My wall this year was a rather large collage based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you are fan of the movie, you know that it's an ensemble piece which fit in well with my adapting friends to fit the characters. All the faces on this are of fellow caricaturists. If you'd like to see all my con pics, below are public links to the albums on my Caricatures by Emily FB page:
I'll probably have more to say here on my blog about the con, but for now I need to recover---we spent all day at seminars and all night drawing for almost a week...I was getting by on four hours of sleep per night. We are that passionate about caricature! For now, I'll put up a photo provided by the talented Mr Tom Brennan, of me in my work spot...which was occasionally visited by large palmetto bugs! (Our 24-hour drawing room was housed in a large outdoor pavillion ;-)


  1. Great stuff...thanks for sharing Em :)

  2. That looks magic Emily - must get to another one some time !

  3. Thanks Vin! Tel, next year's will be held in San Antonio, Texas. Would love to see you again!