Monday, November 14, 2011

Irish Festival 2011

This past Saturday, my wild, 25% Irish self was drawing other Irish! (everyone there was at least honorary Irish!)
"The wearing of the green"
 These two guys are identical twins!  Below, one posed with his girlfriend as well (or as he put it, his lover! ;-)

I drew this couple and all NINE of their kids! below, as they wait patiently)
Some of the sights you see at an Irish festival:
 Irish dancing...
 A stroller's cupholders----holding GUINESS...
Older men with lovely younger ladies...
and a hard-working caricaturist with shamrocks on her head. :-)
My cherished assistant got a caricature too... ( I haven't attempted him for a few years, it's hard to draw your loved ones!)
It's about 75% finished here.

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