Sunday, November 6, 2011

A self-indulgent, non-caricature post...

Usually, I try to keep my blog relevant to my professional life. This past weekend, I shirked my caricature career for  "me" significant other JB and I went up to NYC to see my favorite pianist/composer/lyricist/comedian/critical thinker/rock star wannabe, Tim Minchin, in concert. (This was my third time, click if you'd like to read about the first and second--where I was able to connect it to caricature somehow ;-)
This time, after a wonderful day spent eating and subwaying around Manhattan (with one unintentional detour because we accidentally got on an express instead of a local) we strolled to Times Square from our hotel, expecting to be awed by the colossal technological displays to be found there. Instead, we bumped into Tim Minchin himself! He wasn't being mobbed, he was just standing in Times Square chatting to a few people, and was happy to see us. He took this wonderful photo with my phone and it just made my night... and we still had his concert to look forward to!

JB later remarked, if we hadn't messed up on that one subway ride, we wouldn't have gotten there right when Tim was standing in the street, as he left about ten minutes after our arrival to go get ready to perform. 
 I guess I could say my caricatures made this all possible. I do love my job!


  1. Tonya from the Dallas showNovember 6, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    I so wanna hate you reading this but I just can't. So I will be jealous AND happy for you!!

  2. Psssssstttt! Emily! Don't look now, but I think this Tim guy is stalking you!