Friday, November 11, 2011

Girl Scout meeting..with a little something out of my comfort zone

Last night, I drew an excited group of young ladies at a Girl Scout meeting:
That part was certainly IN my comfort zone. No, what made me a little nervous was that I was asked by the Scout leader to give a half-hour talk about being an artist...specifically being a female artist. Public speaking is not my thing--my usual line when people ask how I can DRAW in front of others is, " I can only do it because I can't see my audience--they're BEHIND me!" 
Anyway,  I told the girls and their moms how I got into the (male-dominated) field of professional caricaturing, and how with perseverance and practice you can be anything you want. Then we looked at some photos on my computer of various gigs, and they asked questions---good ones! I actually enjoyed it once we got talking. When the half hour was up, I couldn't believe it---then it was time to draw them in color. Thank YOU, girls! 

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