Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ice skating caricatures in a chilly rink...

...but I wasn't as chilled as some of my sitters! Yesterday was another ice-skating-envy day for me...drawing caricatures at a girls figure skating tournament. As a kid, I lived near an ice rink and it was pretty much the only physical exertion I can say I loved (besides swimming) so seeing people skating made me want to get out there too! But as a caricature artist, I'm a little afraid...if I fell and hurt my hand, I wouldn't be able to draw :-O
So, here are a few faces who sat for me:
She was the Black Swan!!
Lime green was a popular color for skating outfits...
She wanted to be playing hockey AND was missing her two front teeth! Her mom was so happy I drew that part!
Yes, there were some boys dragged along to cheer their sisters:
 One was not into skating, and the other one was:
A Phillies fan decided to be drawn too, while waiting for his grand-daughter to skate:
I love drawing the Phanatic--- didn't think I'd get to draw HIM at such an event!

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