Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First post-prom gig of 2012

Late on Saturday night (after catching a catnap post-daytime-golf-event) the ol' easel and pen-grippin' fingers found themselves in the front hallway of a high school caught in a TIME WARP!! but not the Rocky Horror kind ;-(
I draw at this school's post-junior-prom every spring, and they always have cool themes. Here are a few pics I took of the decor before the prom-goers arrived:
 The 00's Project Runway...
 90's hip-hop...
 Prehistoric Land of the Lost!!!
50's beatnik.
Actually, the 50's had a double dose, as my easel was situated in a 1950's diner area:
I couldn't find my pen cup that usually gets clipped to my easel drawer, so I had to improvise; luckily, something suitable was right nearby!
What about the caricatures??? Well, as usual, there was a line right away and here are a few of the faces that resulted:

Thanks for having me, GV! I definitely slept in the next morning. :-)

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