Monday, April 16, 2012

Two parties for the price of one....

Well, it was really only ONE party on Friday night, to celebrate a simultaneous 60th birthday and retirement---but  I had to laugh when my client (the wife) in her speech to her hubby, said that in doing it this way, her dress budget wasn't what it could have been...   :-)

I broke in a new easel and lighting at this one, held in a lovely room overlooking downtown Lancaster.
It was quite a merry group. Here's the birthday gentlemen and his lady. In the course of drawing them, three of his buddies lined up next to me and MOONED them.....I turned my head 90 degrees and got the shock of my life, because I knew they weren't screaming like that at the just-started caricature! Fortunately NO photos exist ( I hope)!  ;-)
Note the moon on the upper left....hee hee.
Below are some of the guests and their drawings, which includes one of the mooners, but I'm not saying which one!

Happy 60th and thanks to About Faces for booking me for this one!

Update 4-19-12: The client had this to say to my rep at AF... blushing :-)
"Just wanted to let you know what a huge success Mark's surprise party was, and Emily A. was definitely one of the keys to the party's success!  She is absolutely delightful and was very engaging with all of the guests.  She carried on conversations with each guest as they sat for their picture.  Her caricatures were very well done, and people really enjoyed showing theirs to other guests.  She worked quite quickly and completed caricatures for everyone who wanted to have theirs done. 

Thanks so much for making the arrangements for her appearance at the party! "

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