Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caricaturing from...a golf cart!

Here's what my "easel" consisted of on Saturday afternoon:
..a clipboard which rested on the steering wheel of a golf cart, situated at the tenth hole of a golf course!!
The event was a fundraiser for Irish Charities and my (very Irish) Other Half happened to be participating:
(he's the kilt-less one)
His team was called the "Dusty Stones" (haha).
My subjects just sat in their own golf cart:
Her nickname is Thumper, so my trusty iPhone conjured up a reference for me to look at...
Many of the men were wearing kilts to this event. I was told that only American Irish do this...whatever, kilts (and potbellies ;-) are fun to draw!!!
The festivities even began with a bagpiper...
Despite the nice weather and jolly atmosphere of the day, I found that people intent on participating in golf, even if they are waiting to tee off, aren't in a get-a-caricature frame of mind. Results would have been better had I been part of the after-banquet, but I was booked elsewhere for the evening...live and learn! I still had fun trying something new. 

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