Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Faces of Ocean City!

I'm trying something new this year---a stand on the Boardwalk in family-friendly Ocean City, New Jersey!
With the help of my Other Half, I've set up in a nice spot, the entrance to the Surf Mall...I'm offering both black-and-white, color and airbrush caricatures here. This is the view my sitters see:
The booth actually belongs to my new friend Tassia, she's been drawing here for several years and wanted to have time in August for her young family and budding photography studio (Twinkle Photo Studio) so I am honored to be here in her stead.
So here are a few of the caricatures I've created in the past week!
 Babies on the beach! I've been a down-the-shore fan all my life so getting to do lots of beach backgrounds is heavenly to me.
 This young man gave this drawing to his karate instructor (whom I did from a photo) and they told me it was a hit ( or a chop?)
A color couple and a BW couple.
 More beach bodies.
 O's fans and Irish dancing!
 Just your classic single caricature...I think I caught his typical expression. :-)
 Cousins: the girl on left is from Italy and the girl on right is from New Joisey!
A mom-and-daughter beach body caricature! So much fun for me to do. :-)
The signs in the background were Tassia's, but they needed a paint job--- so I airbrushed the original lettering to new colors before the season started. I like how they look in these photos!
I'll have more sporadically but I am spending long hours in the booth; if you're interested, I'll probably be posting more often on my Caricatures by Emily Fb page

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