Saturday, August 11, 2012

More OC faces...

I'm really enjoying this beach venue...
This is my friend, the Joisey girl from the other night, this time with her boyfriend...who wore his favorite expression for me. And I drew it!
 This couple had alot of uncanny things in common with me, but of course the best was that her name was Emily!
 I am enjoying adding crabs to drawings instead of baseballs. Sorry, Rick...
He asked for great abs and a pizza. :-)
 She had a sunburn on her shoulders. 
 Three happy girls. the one on the lower left is an airbrushed one. :-)
I've seen some interesting sights here so far. Here are a few:

Miss Ocean City went by in a Mercedes convertible!
The Mummers strutted up and down the boardwalk.
The moon was amazing one night...

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  1. This is some of your best work yet Emily, love the sunburn touch:)