Friday, August 24, 2012

And even more OC faces...

Ocean City is known as a family resort, and kids make up a large proportion of my caricatures. This little boy wanted one, but his parents weren't sure if his sister could sit still long enough...but after watching him get done, she was an eager subject!
This is the guy from the taco stand nearby, whose face was begging me to draw it...good luck in college!
These two sisters were so cute, and they gave me and my Other Half a hug afterwards! Mine was for drawing them, and his was for entertaining them while I drew!
 Ha asked for great abs, and she asked for a leopard print bikini...
 Immediate picture taking for Facebook!
 He was tuckered out after a beach+boardwalk day...
Everybody has something that stands out about their appearance...with these two, I saw intense eyes/eyebrows next to a loooong swan neck.
Smiles all around here!
Drew the young man below then his parents joined in for their own caricature. And while chatting, we discovered it's a small world once again... I meet so many people down here with whom I have some kind of connection; either I drew them already, or they saw me drawing somewhere else, or we know people or places in common...  :-)
This young lady below is a good example of that phenomenon. I drew her at the orthodontic open house I did earlier this summer, and took her photo---which is included on my video slide show that plays (incessantly) in my booth. One afternoon she happened to walk by with her friends on the boardwalk. I recognized her and ran after her to tell her she was in my video... she was a little taken aback when I said breathlessly, I drew your caricature, then she remembered! So she brought her mom by later that evening, exactly at the right time to see her photo pop up! How is that for crazy???
 Another guy with a perfect face for caricature. His wife is too cute!
 These two were entertaining me while I drew them. Think I got their personalities, too...
 This couple were newlyweds! We had a nice time chatting as much so, that I made sure to include HER ring in the caricature, but forgot about his! They came back the next day and I added it in. :-)
 A baby girl with big eyes and big curls celebrated her first birthday with a caricature!
 This couple has a menagerie at home (minus the giraffe and lion, of course).
 A "friends in college"caricature...
 A little girl with an entrancing smile...
 A mom-and-daughter caricature...a souvenir that will be treasured by both for a long time.
The Other Half and I spent a morning getting something that could be considered a caricature artist's competition, but I LOVE THESE:


  1. I love your work . How long do you tke to do your

  2. Hi Lynn, At gigs where I do just BW marker drawing with some shading, I try to do each face in five minutes or less. When I'm doing color with artstix or airbrush, I am shooting for eight minutes per face. If they want full bodies and themes, that adds a few minutes more.