Friday, August 17, 2012

Yet more OC faces..

The ever-changing faces that briefly pass before me are as varied as the beach conditions seem to be every day...
Some of her hair color had washed out from swimming, so I restored it!
Surfing with dolphins and sharks...
Whooping her dad's butt at basketball...  :-)
Couples, couples, couples...
 Loved doing her lipstick!
 Brand new newlyweds!
A huge smile!
 This gentleman was from Trinidad, so I put a reasonable facsimile of his flag behind him. And I said, I KNOW you have incredible beaches there... and he had to agree!
 Here's a foursome where the couple who got the color drawing made the other couple decide to get one... or was it the couple who got the BW? I can't remember...
 She asked to be a hula dancer and he asked to be a turtle. Voila!
 Lotsa babies get drawn here. this is a typical one with a body/theme. 
 The expressions on this one are still making me laugh.
 I've been drawing seagulls on my caricatures. This one is just flying past...
 ...but this one is leaving some gull droppings on the boys. Turns out they don't like the NY Giants, but their dad does, so they got this as a joke gift for him.
Below: A surfer theme with a shark. I have to thank artist Aaron Philby here, I've been looking at his incredible work for inspiration...his faces are amazing but his backgrounds and bodies are just as awesome.  I hope he's coming to our ISCA convention and that I can do more Emily-ish sharks soon...they're not anything I have much experience drawing yet.
So as far as changing weather conditions here on the beach and boardwalk, how's this:
Storm rolling in! Lightning actually hit one of the rides about a block away after this pic was taken and it sounded like an explosion.
On another day we could see an air show happening up the coast at Atlantic City.
And one morning we rode our bikes on the boardwalk. :-)

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  1. Emily your work is totally awesome! Keep up the most excellent work!