Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to Birdland...with a difference

I'm an occasional addition to the roster of caricaturists at Camden Yards...and since my easel has travelled to so many different new venues this summer, I haven't set foot there for months. This past Sunday, I found out that the Orioles are actually in playoff contention and are having their first winning season (winning more games than they've lost) since 1997!!!
So, it was a sellout crowd---composed of half O's fans..and half YANKEE fans...and this couple were one of each!
Here's a few more people who sat for my caricatures while enjoying the game----on a day where the early fall weather was absolutely perfect...
Below: There's the head honcho, Rick, hard at work during the pre-game festivities. The line towards the back is made up of folks waiting to get BBQ sandwiches at Boog's....
Saw some interesting sights, as usual...newlyweds!  (His t-shirt had a tux printed on it, but they got past me before I could snap a frontal photo)
This elderly lady in a wheelchair had just as much spirit as the bare-chested painted-up guys whom one sees at every game...
My colleague Jerry was asked to write this phrase on a caricature...and I thought it looked so funny in his signature calligraphy that I just had to take a photo:
After the game ended, the convention going on across the street, the Baltimore Comic Con, ended as well. So Rick and I strolled over to see our friend Lar DeSouza---caricaturist and now online comic genius who was fronting the Blind Ferret Entertainment booth. And just all-around sweet guy. AND GOOD HUGGER!

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