Monday, September 17, 2012

Company picnic on crisp, lovely day

On Saturday my travels took me to a big corporate park, where the usual fun-day festivities were taking place, on a be-yoot-i-ful day:
There were four caricaturists, which made short work of a long line:
My cohorts to the right were the usual suspects, Patrick and John, whom I've worked alongside on many an occasion:
However, on my left was Schay Glover, whom I'd met at a previous ISCA con but never had the pleasure of gigging with before:
Above: At the end, he did a really cool profile caricature of this couple, whom I'd drawn earlier frontally:
The company must have put out a memo to wear Philly sports team stuff, as we drew lots of green or red:

Afterwards, we celebrated another successful gig... :-)

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  1. This looks like it was such a fun party! I am in charge of finding party entertainment in Victorville CA for a work party, and I think I will use some of your ideas. I really like the caricatures!