Friday, September 21, 2012

Gigmasters photo contest

My caricatures have been featured on since 2008 and they have been a reliable source of gigs for me. They have expanded in a big way since then, with better features for clients to find party entertainment, blogs, contests, etc. Right now, they're having a photo contest...and I had the perfect picture to showcase what I do! Taken by my intrepid S.O, (one of dozens that he took) it's from Taylor and Josh's wedding last May, and it shows all the subjects in the caricature having a good time while being drawn. It also shows my look of concentration...I added in the finished caricature via Photoshop.

Here is the link to the contest, voting takes place on Facebook. Please vote for me, and thank you if you do! Right now, I'm in 10th place out of 38. :-)

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