Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rolling--oops, I mean DRAWING---on the river...

On Monday evening, I had the rare weekday corporate gig---on a yacht no less!
It's been quite a few years since I last drew on a boat (for several Junes in a row, I did a cruise 'round the Statue of Liberty for a small private school's grad celebration) so I was interested in seeing if I still had seaworthy skills. :-) Guess I did...

This lady blocked the real sun for me while I was drawing her hubby, so of course it ended up in their caricature..

These two were ribbing each other the whole time, so had to include this speech bubble (in his native language, that I dredged up from some atrophied French-speaking recess in my brain). They guffawed for quite a while when they saw it. :-)
I mistakenly thought this woman was half of a couple, so when I found out she wasn't, she got the actual background included in hers!
Below: The sunset was serene and I'd never seen Philly from THIS vantage point! The guests were all from out of town, so I was telling them how our tallest skyscraper, the Comcast building, reminds me of a giant USB flash drive...
As the evening turned into night, we ventured south of Philly's iconic Ben Franklin Bridge and I kept caricaturing a happy crowd...
One gentlemen showed me his daughter's reaction to the photo he'd sent her of his drawing:
One more pic of Philly:
I love my job!

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