Friday, August 2, 2013

Using the Vine app...

If you have a smartphone or an iPad, chances are you've heard of the Vine app... 
it's a 6-second video-loop camera (overseen by Twitter) that you can use all in one fell swoop, or chopped up into stop-motion animation. Creatives of all types from comedians to cartoonists (often they are the SAME person, as you'll see when I give some recommendations at the end of this post) have discovered its uses. I've been using it mainly for caricature reactions. 
Here's a link to Seenive, a web viewer for Vines---click to see all my Vines.
When I have some free time, though, one of my favorite things to do is make little rock-star homages:

When you download the app, you can see who follows who, but here are links to the outstanding Vines of two of my friends: Marlo Meekins and Celestia Ward.  

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