Friday, August 30, 2013

Scaring away my customers with a Stacey Nightmare caricature

Twitter's 6-second video app, Vine, is growing by leaps and bounds, and showcasing some very creative comedians and filmmakers. Two of my favorite Viners happen to be luxuriantly-red-headed comics. (Sadly, Tim Minchin doesn't Vine...yet.)
One is my friend Marlo Meekins....and the other is Stacey Nightmare. (Warning: She's definitely NOT G-rated, but IS horribly, gut-bustingly, raunchily hilarious).
While I was working down the shore, I decided to make my own Vine of a caricature-in-progress of Ms. Nightmare:

Stacey loved it and  re-vined it, yay! Here's a link to all my Vines. ;-)

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