Sunday, October 27, 2013

Caricaturing for Zombies

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, always includes caricaturing at a Halloween party (or two :-)
Last night, I found myself in a house of undead...
Drawing bloody Amish:
 This is a woman who got progressively more ill throughout the party...
(she was bitten by a feral child, she said...and her injury was not store bought...she made it herself. Wonderful thing, that internet!)
A very few dared to come un-costumed:
The group photos were taken at the very end, so some people had already left, but you can see what kind of fun I had drawing these!!! The red Prismacolor marker got a workout.

The party hosts were deadly serious about decorating. ;-)
Every room induced groans ( and laughter!!)
But the masterpiece was their pantry door: (below right)

Unsettling but ingenious!

There were even custom-made (by the hostess herself) folders for my caricatures!
Gigmasters has really sent my way some stupendous clients. 
Yay! and THANK YOU!!!!

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